Wild Alternate Lunar Rovers from the 1960s

Amy Shira Teitel
5 min readDec 15, 2021

When we think about astronauts on the Moon, we think about them in big, bulky spacesuits, hopping around and maybe driving a lunar rover. But what if they’d been total bad boys with lunar motorcycles? Or had huge all-terrain vehicles? NASA explored quite a few different mobility concepts before settling on the rover we know and love.

The primary goal of the Apollo program was to land astronauts on the Moon. As such, the first landing missions were about the landing itself, getting them on the surface and back again. But even before these missions launched…

Amy Shira Teitel

Historian and author of Fighting for Space (February 2020) from Grand Central Publishing. Also public speaker, TV personality, and YouTuber. [The Vintage Space]